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Check out this 5 Star Yelp Review from our Fairfax Virginia Carpet Cleaning Customer

We love our customers - check out this great review we received on yelp today from one of our fairfax carpet cleaning customers:


We often get this question a lot when people are searching for someone to come in their home and clean. Why choose you? Here is a list of why you should choose us. 

Dust Mite Carpet Cleaning Woodbridge Carpet Cleaners

Over 2000 dust mites can live in one ounce of carpet. Are your allergies acting up and wondering why you have to continually take over the counter allergy medications? This could be because 3 out of 10 people are allergic to dust mites, and their home is full of them. Next time you go to your allergist ask for a dust mite allergic test.

Are your Carpets As Clean As They Could Be?

That time of year is going to be coming soon. The family will be coming and judging. You don't want to be that person with messy carpets. At Neighborhood Carpet Cleaners we can help get those carpets looking spanking new. Give us a call - we are running a $40 per room special! 2 room minimum. We will come out and get the worst of carpets looking brand new.

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Neighborhood Carpet Cleaners


The Most Thorough Cleaning Ever or Pay Nothing!

Woodbridge Carpet Cleaning Special