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Carpet Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning

Best Carpet Cleaning in Woodbridge Virginia and Surrounding Prince William County Area

Why are we the best carpet cleaning in Woodbride Virginia and surrounding Prince William County area, well, we believe a healthy home starts with clean carpets. If you’re looking for superior carpet cleaning services with amazing results, then you’ve come to the right place! The trained professionals at Neighborhood Carpet Cleaners, utilizes the most advanced technology to clean and restore your carpet and furniture back to its natural beauty.

Carpet Steam/Shampoo Cleaning Service Area:

Woodbridge, Dale City, Dumfries, Lake Ridge, Manassas, Burke, Springfield, Alexandria, Arlington, Stafford, Triangle, and McLean Chantilly, Herndon, Centreville, Leesburg,Tyson Virginia areas and Washington DC carpet cleaning service company

You Need A Professional Carpet Cleaning Company Who Cares

Neighborhood Carpet Cleaners specializes in stain removal for upholstery, rugs, and carpets with over 20 years of experience.  We are proud of our quality work, especially when we pull stains out where others have failed. Backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee, our certified technicians are more than happy to continue on your property until perfection is met. This is true, and we will do it for you too, at no additional cost.


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Cleaning with Probiotic solution is the only way to ensure Healthy, Clean carpets:

  • We use Brushpro to lift up the pile of matted carpets. Also lifts: dirt, dust, and other debris
  • Above professional carpet cleaning process is the start of removing Dust mites and Allergens
  • We low mositure clean the carpets- This process prevents difficult stains from reappearing
  • Believe it or not most of repeat customers think we are done with their carpets BUT no
  • We use a powerful truck-mounted carpet cleaning system to steam clean the carpets.
  • We use various tools and machines to make sure we get the job done RIGHT. At no charge
  • A final walk through is done to ensure your satisfaction- If not we are a phone call away- It will not be hassle to reach us

Call now if you would like schedule- 703-844-4163

Top Reasons To Use Probiotics- What Makes NCC different?

  • Neighborhood Carpet Cleaners cleans with Health in mind!
  • Solutions will eliminate bugs, dust mites and other pathogens 
  • We out do competitors with our cleaning methods
  • We don't rush through jobs 
  • Always a phone call away

BOTTOM LINE- If you are considering other providers or have been using other local carpet cleaners, you are missing out! 

Scheduling online is super easy Click Here to Schedule Online. Get 15% Off When Doing so. Put in your information and we will be right with you.

Did you know 2000 dust mites can live in an ounce of carpet?

Cleaning is not enough, you need Probiotic. Adding probiotic as our last step of cleaning provides incredible value and difference in cleaning. We kill pathogens like: Blood, Pet Odor, Germs from shoes, pet's paws etc. This is why the regular way of cleaning is inferior to using Probiotic solution- Safe, Green, Healthy! Click Here to Schedule Online.

We stand by our product and live by our slogan, "The Most Thorough Cleaning or It's Free"

The Neighborhood Carpet Cleaning Process:

  • I use a Brushpro to lift all dirt, dust, and other debris
  • The above step is the beginning process to remove Dust mites and Allergens
  • I Dry clean the carpets- This process prevents difficult stains from reappearing
  • At this point, my customers think I am done with the cleaning- Can you believe it?
  • I use a truck-mounted cleaning system to steam clean the carpets. I have various tools to use and I will use them at no charge to you
  • I do my final walk through with you if I need to explain anything to you 

 We provide cleaning solutions for many applications including:

  • Cat Urine Odor & Dog Urine Odor Removal
  • Dog feces Removal and Decontamination
  • Upholstery Cleaning & Protectant
  • Wine & Juice Spill Removal
  • Ink Stain Removal
  • Gum and Rust Removal
  • Soiled Carpet & Area Rug Cleaning
  • Carpet Repair & Stretching
  • Carpet Dyeing
  • Carpet Protectant

Call Neighborhood Carpet Cleaners today 703-844-4163 or click here for a free quote!

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