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  • These guys were absolutely amazing. I had a stain on a seat in my car. They were able to come out same day. Finished the work very fast and very well. Can't even tell there was a huge stain there now! They were very friendly and the prices were very reasonable. Always happy to support Veteran owned and operated businesses.

    Alex Cosimeno
  • Our carpets look AMAZING!.....brand new again!!! Thank you Henry, for doing sure a great job... WOW!!!!

    Carrie Hunyady
  • I have hired other major companies before like Stanley steamer to clean our carpet and all the stains and dirt came back after few days. I called Neighborhood carpet cleaning after seeing good reviews in yelp and I am so glad I did. My carpet looks good as new and you won't even see any stain from before. I waited 2 weeks before I did this review to make sure and I am happy to say that my carpet is still very clean. The company is the best. Too bad I forgot the name of the guy so I can give a shout out.. 

    Hazel Oliveira
We have invested a ton of research to bring you the best of the best cleaning products. Have you heard of Probiotics, if so you know there is nothing safer than that. It has unique properties to not only clean, but remove bacteria, dust mites from carpets and upholstery cleaning Also improves your indoor air quality. We also use this for our maid services as well. This is by far the safest cleaning product known in the professional cleaning industry. We exclusive use of this product, not patented, however not too many know about this. Your children, pets and your home will feel a lot better after our services. No odors from this product. Find out more about Probiotics
Neighborhood Carpet Cleaners started with using the basic methods, currently we have evolved to being a leading force. Check our ratings. We incorporate low moisture cleaning in conjunction with Truckmounted carpet steam cleaning. Believe it or not our 2nd step of cleaning proves to be way better than our competitors finished work.
Industry standards is from 4 to 8 hours. However a lot factors are involved: Humidity, air circulation, and temperature. Rest assure, we have a powerful truck mount that absorbs the dirt from your carpets. Our technicians do not rush through jobs, we make sure enough dry strokes are performed to your satisfaction. We are always a phone call away if you need further assistant.
We have been in the industry for many years. The use of selling deodorizer is a way to upcharge- We include deodorizer within our carpet cleaning services in Northern Va and all surrounding areas. If you have cat urine odor/smell or dog urine odor/smell, then you need more than deodorizer. purchasing carpet cleaning Deodorizer would be a waste of money (sorry fellow carpet cleaning companies, we just don't practice this upcharge tactics). Removing cat or dog odor smell from carpets can be effortless at times- because we have just the right products to do so.
Spot removal in carpets are always a guarantee, however stain removal on carpets can be a bit trickier. Rest assure, we have a full arsenal of green and eco friendly carpet cleaning solutions to help solve your issues or extreme enhancement of stains. Our technician will do a walk through, show him/her your areas of concerns. From there we will tell exactly what needs to get done. As master textile cleaner, trust we have the know how. As a reminder, our customer satisfaction is a must, so we go above and beyond to remove any type of stains on carpets.
Absolutely, emphatically yes. Scotchgard not only prevents permanent stains, it increases the life span of your carpets. Carpet installation can be an expensive decor to your home, protecting it with your Green Scotchgard is the number one recommendation from carpet cleaning manufactures, like: Shaw, Mohawk Carpet and flooring, and J&J Industries to name a few. Carpet quality type and installation are getting more expensive, so by protecting it with carpet cleaning Scotchgard is paramount to the longevity and health of carpets.
It is recommended every once a year. In between cleaning periods, vacuuming is essential to your carpets life span. Each household or commercial carpet cleaning facility is different. You can bet when you need us in case of an emergency, we will take care of you. Our repeat customers seriously receive the VIP treatment, without them there will be no Neighborhood Carpet Cleaners. By joining our K.I.C (Keep It Clean) program, you save money and actually make long time relationships with our carpet cleaning technicians and our company.
95% no. If it does please call us. We have perfected a method to reduce wicking, however there are certain items that are relentless. Usually because improper cleaning from previous cleaners or customer, or lack of information about specific spots and stains on carpet. It is always great to get full details of how particular stains were created and what have been done. This valuable information can help us deploy a treatment good for your carpets.
When choosing a carpet steam cleaning service, make sure to always check their ratings everywhere. Unfortunately, there are some giant corporate companies who manufacture reviews. Thus, checking their rating everywhere helps you in the long run. Bottom line, prices vary from company to company. Just make sure you get great value: Companies that use green products, carpet cleaning companies that never subcontract work, companies that are backed by 100% satisfaction. We have find out many new clients are accustom to sub-par results. Once they get our services, they are completely blown away. Many companies use low prices to bait you in, wouldn't you like to know the exact price before you hire a local carpet cleaning company, we think so! At the end of the day, don't choose based on price alone. Let us find a cleaning within your budget, we are the best cleaning company to do this.

Upholstery Cleaning F.A.Q.

Manufactures recommend every 12 to 24 months of cleaning
We got you covered. Neighborhood Carpet Cleaners cleans upholstery using a dry compound if recommended. We are skilled enough to steam clean upholstery, even if it recommends dry cleaning your sofa or couch. Steam cleaning and extraction is the best way to remove dirt from upholstery, especially if you have cat pet odor or dog pet odor.
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