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The city of Woodbridge, VA is located just 20 miles south from Washington D.C.. The village has a population of just under 55,000, and is surrounded by the Occoquan and Potomac rivers, so take in the beautiful waterfront views.  A nature-lover’s paradise, it is home to both the Occoquan Bay National Wildlife Refuge and the Featherstone National Wildlife refuge. The historical Woodbridge is also home to Rippon Lodge, the earliest home still standing in Prince William County. 

Northern Virginia, in particular, has actually seen unbelievable growth over the last few years, making it a center for major corporations and a fantastic place to live and work for any age groups. Urban living may not be for everybody, however there are many beautiful housing options outside the city to think about.
Residential areas like Woodbridge, VA beyond the city limits, supply a selection of housing options and simple access to all of the wonderful advantages the region needs to offer. There’s a lot of reasons to enjoy living in Woodbridge, VA.

Excellent Area for Commuters

Woodbridge, Virginia is located with simple access to major highways. After operating in the fast-paced city, you can pull away to the quieter Woodbridge suburban area without hassle.

Military members can quickly gain access to Washington, D.C., Quantico, Fort Belvoir, the Pentagon and other nearby bases quickly. If you’re looking for military housing in the Virginia, Baltimore, D.C. area, Woodbridge is among lots of terrific choices for any ages.

Residing in Woodbridge, VA is best for house hunters looking for easy city access with quieter, suburban living. 

This quaint community also has its fair share of interesting history that you’ll find at the Rippon Lodge and its local museums.

History of Woodbridge

The history of Woodbridge dates back to the 1600s, when Capt. John Smith discovered an area of land that had actually been settled by native Americans called the Doegs.

The area had abundant natural resources and was quickly settled by Europeans. The land that would end up being contemporary Woodbridge was gotten by George Mason in 1692, and it would remain in the Mason household for almost 160 years, till the plantation was sold in 1851. During this time, the Masons constructed a ferry to cross the Occoquan River, which cost 4 cents per individual or horse to useIn the late 1700s, a wooden bridge was constructed across the river, which would ultimately offer the town its name. The Masons charged 6 cents per person or horse to cross the wood bridge.

Before modern real estate advancements were developed, Woodbridge largely consisted of dairy farms. These farms thrived until after World War II, when houses and industrial advancement started to change pastures. Today, Woodbridge is a growing town where both residential and business development are on the rise.

Awesome Four-Season Weather

The weather in Woodbridge, VA is normally pleasantusing the very best of all 4 seasons: Winter temperature levels typically fall as low as 26 degrees Fahrenheit, while summer highs can reach into the high 80s. Woodbridge averages 14 inches of snowfall per year, well listed below the nationwide average, so you do not have to go out the shovels too often throughout the winterOverall, it’s a charming location to be, both for its location and its weather condition.

Additionally, Woodbridge also boasts numerous high end shopping malls and a wide array of restaurants serving worldwide cuisines.

Woodbridge integrates what nature finest deals and an upscale lifestyle in a little rural neighborhood.

To discover what makes this location awesome to check out, here are some things to do in Woodbridge, VA.


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